How to create a line chart in Crystal Reports

Software Version: Crystal Reports 10

I want to create a line chart based on a set of data.  I need to firstly know if it's even possible... and secondly, if it is, how to do it.

I have attached an image of the sort of thing I'd like to do.  
(I have a feeling that the multiple x-axis lines might be a problem, if it is I can work around it and put that information elsewhere on the report.  The main issue is the setting of values for X/Y axis and the plotting of the line)

I would have all the data that appears on the graph to hand.  I have no idea how to set the X and Y axis to the values provided to the report. i.e. Y axis from 6.0 - 7.2 in .1 segments and X axis from 1 - 8 with in 1 segments.
I would then have a y value for each x segment.  e.g. Y1 = 6.5, Y2 = 6.4, Y3 = 6.5

Is that even how it works?  If not, how does it work?  I can't figure it out from the wizard.  The only places I can input variables is the "On change of" and "Show values" sections, but not following what they are or how they work.  

Do I need to manipulate the data and put it in a very specific way in order for the chart wizard to understand?  How would I go about doing this given the example I've shown.

Sorry the questions are so vague, but I've never tried to do a chart in crystal before.  I looked for some tutorials online but couldnt find much.  If I'm not making sense, please ask for clarification.
Any help appreciated....

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What is the raw data?

Usually to do a graph you need multiple records like

Pass   Value
   1        6.5
   2        6.4
   3        6.4

obrienjAuthor Commented:
Okay, lets start with the basics.

I have a table just like that

BatchNo  Result
   1        6.5
   2        6.4
   3        6.4

I think I get what you're talking about.  Does the graph auto use the one table to set everything.  i.e. in the above, I'd have an X-axis of 1 to 3 and a y axis of 6.4-6.5?
Is there any way to broaden what's in the table? i.e. specifically set the range of the Y and X axis?
So in my example, even though above is what's in the table, I actually want the Y axis going from 6.0 - 7.2 and the X axis going from 1 - 8.   Is that possible?
That is basically correct.  You can control the Y-Axis to some degree

I don't think you can control the X-axis the same way.

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obrienjAuthor Commented:
I'm still not getting how the graph setup works.

I have reduced the input to the report to just that table.  Two columns.  What now?
See the image below.  I have no idea what to do here in order to get the graph I'm interested in (described in my previous comment).

What is "on change of" and how does it work?
What is "Show Values" and how does it work?

obrienjAuthor Commented:
On change of - X-Axis - BatchNo
Show Values - determines Y-Axis - BatchResult

obrienjAuthor Commented:
I've tried loads of variations, but no resulting graph makes any sense to me.

So, I did exactly what you said above.

Table as described in my second comment above. (although changed batch no 3 from 6.4 to 6.3)
I added BatchNo to On change of.
I added BatchResult to Show Values.   (it auto went in as sum of).

The attached graph is what came of the above.  I have no idea where it's getting those figures from???

From previous comments, I gather you know what I am trying to do.  Can you please go through the process step by step.  Or even better, do you know of a very basic example similar to mine that I can look at? (i.e. a rpt with data)
If I could follow how one correlates to the other I might start getting somewhere.... but right now, none of it is making sense.
Have you tried clicking the PREVIEW button?

In design mode Crystal puts in a dummy chart so you can size it.  The chart has nothing to do with the data you have.


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obrienjAuthor Commented:
haha, jeez, I can be seriously blond at times.  

Okay, so at least I have it making some sense now.  Thanks.
Right, I havent really gotten to where I want to be, but its enough time wasting for now.  I'll start another question when I get further.
I feel you deserve the full marks just for me being such an idiot :)
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