Return variable number of columns to report viewer control


I've been tasked with generating reports for an application residing on SQL Server.

The recommended architecture I have to follow is Stored Proc  > xsd tableadapter > rdlc > report viewer.

Using a regular relational database I'd be able to do this in my sleep.  This appliction is structured around the concept of questions and answers.  For example, the information for a product is stored in the Product-answer table, the "column headings" are stored in the questions table, the questions act as the labels for the fields in the application.  The two tables are  linked using the question-id field.

I'm looking for suggestions as to how I can return to reportviewer the questions as headers in the report and the answers as the detail in the report.

Thanks! in advance

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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Sounds like you need to pivot by the question which will likely require dynamic SQL as PIVOT in SQL Server requires hardcoded column values to function.  Fortunately, Mark Wills has put together a great explanation of this as well as a stored procedure that does all the heavy lifting for you.  Please read this and see if it does everything you are looking for:

If it looks like it is what you want, but you are having difficulties implementing it here, just post back and I or other Experts here can assist.

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StiggySonAuthor Commented:
thanks for pointing me in the right direction Kevin.  I think that's what i'm looking for alright.

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