Windows 2003 Cluster failover when one group fails

Hi all

I have a Windows cluster a/p where I have 4 groups.

My problem is:

In one of the fours groups there are a software application and my goal is when then application fails the cluster move alle four groups to the other node. Right now the cluster only move the group contains the software application. Is that possible ?
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65tdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Groups should be independent of each other.

One could script "if a group fails over move the other groups", the the move result in a outage to the resources in the group though.
Or use fail back after hours to move the group(s) back to the preferred node.
One should test each group, as groups should move and fail over independently of each other.

Can you get an outage to test if each group can be moved between the nodes?
deo112Author Commented:
Yes I can. I have tested that each group can run on each node. I want to have all four groups running on the same node :-)
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After a group fails over it can be moved automatically using fail back.

Have a look at this MS article:
deo112Author Commented:
Thanks for the link. I can see it is not possible what I want.

I need to have all 4 groups running on the same node. If one group fails all groups must be move to the other node.

This is from technet.
Resources in a dependency tree obey the following rules:

A dependent resource and all of its dependencies must be in the same group.

Is there no way to make a group dependent on another group in microsoft 2003 cluster ?
deo112Author Commented:
Ok, I think I need to make a script to do that. Thanks for your help.
Depending on the scripting have a look at the cluster.exe (cli).
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