Installing SBS 2011

I am trying to do a clean install of SBS 2011 standard on a brand new server.  I specify a Network Administrator user name of NWadmin.  When it has completed the install it asks me to login.  I attempt to login using NWadmin and the password I set up (using both the form username and domain\username) and it says username/password is incorrect message.  I try several times always with the same outcome...

OK I thought maybe I was being exceptionally stupid and did not correctly note down the password (even though at this initial set up it is one of my much loved oft used passwords so mistyping etc is very unlikely) so  start again scrub the hard disk and reinstall SBS from scratch.

Exactly the same issue.  I have installed loads of copies of SBS back to SBS 2000 so I am not entirely naive about this sort of thing.  I cannot believe I have simply mistyped the password both in the main and confirm box TWICE!!!  What can I conceivably be doing wrong?
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Use a real name. We use war heroes or book character's names or great author's names for the admin account at client sites. The whole idea is to use a non-descript name for the domain admin account.

Our setup guide:

mnewmanaAuthor Commented:
The problem was still there apparently with a "normal name" - not that I could see why that would make any difference.  BUT I have solved the problem.

I don't think on reflection I gave the full facts.  The server is an HP ML350 G6 ands I was using SmartStart 8.7, the new downloadable version that supports SBS 2011.  The HP part of the process asks you for an administrator password, then you put the SBS disk in and the SBS startup stuff asks you to define a user name and password for the network admin user.  A little later you get invited to logon with the username domain_name\Administrator.  Naively I assumed - as it was asking you for a domain login - I should use the NWAdmin user the SBS setup asked you to create - so I did switch user....

But it appears the first time you get to logon in this process you need to use the logoin domain\administrator as you defined the password in HP SMartSTart and the NWAdmin user is not at that point available, but at the next logon you get the NWadmin logon is available.

I am afraid I find this all a but confusing - don't remember this with earlier versions of Smartstart with SBS on earlier HP servers...

Anyway solved now.  I have recorded what happened here in case anyone else comes across this isuse in the future

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mnewmanaAuthor Commented:
Accepted as I solved problem as above
Wow - yes. Same thing happened with the Lenovo EasyStart program. I started the install process and plugged in my typical admin pw and let it install over the weekend. I came back in on Monday and entered the machine name, domain name and then Admin acct name and pw... and after it rebooted I though I was crazy - the pw I just typed wouldn't get me in. Well it was the pw used in the EasyStart script from Friday I had forgotten I'd used.
and the big difference being... when it reboots during setup it only has a pw field for the administrator acct, and you can't change the login name. so you use the original pw once and when it completes it shows the acct to login to as domain\newadminacct - and not administrator. That added to the confusion but should have shed immediate light on it. :-|
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