ODBC connection not showing all databases


I am struggling with the following scenario and would be very grateful for any help to resolve this....

We have:

- A single SBS 2008 box, also running SQL (I know thats not ideal but its only 15 users).
- On the server we have a Navision SQL database (SQL 2008)
- The server has recently been migrated from SBS 2003 using the swing migration method.

Everything is working fine (Exchange, shares, etc), and even SQL for most users. However, we have a strange issue....

Two of the PC's are able to communicate with the SQL instance fine, however they are not able to read the actual database.

I can test this by creating an ODBC connection, specifying the SQL server, when it gets to the drop down page were I can select a database, the actual NAV database i'm wanting to connect to is not displayed...


If in the ODBC connection I specify the server name using its FQDN or IP address, it all works ok and I am able to see all the databases....

I need to get to the bottom of this as its causing knock on issues with the NAV software, that although doent use ODBC connections, is somehow failing to talk properly with the SQL database and its various add-ons (i.e. ZetaDocs).

I've tried disconnection and reconnection to the domain, and also testing the same user accounts on known working PC's (they work ok).

As far as I can see nothing helpful or relavent is listing in the event logs.

I should point out that I'm very limited technically in the field of SQL, so please bear with me if some of this isnt as clear as it perhaps should be!


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TS_BenBConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok, sorry for not posting back with an update sooner.

Turned out to be a weird cache related issue (I think). Rebooting the server a couple of times and clearing caches using arp -d and ipconfig /flushdns seemed to solve it. Either that or this was just coincidence!

Very weird...

On the PCs that are not working, try re-installing the SQL Server Native Driver to see if that solves the problem.
Eugene ZCommented:
what login are you using to set ODBC connection?
make sure it has sql server rights to access the databases
TS_BenBAuthor Commented:
Solution posted by me.
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