split inbound nat, web and exchange?

not sure if this is possible or what's the best way but, here's the situation

we have a client who has one static ip address on the public side, and 2 servers internally

one server has some websites they access from the outside world, iis6, and has to stay on that physical server for reasons they won't tell me

the other server is exchange 2003 with OWA - iis6 - which works fine from inside.

server1 (webserver) needs http and https (80 and 443)
server2 (exchange) wants 80 at least, preferably 443 too for webmail from the outside world

are there any tricks to make this work from outside, without having to tell external people to put a :port number in their url's?

can we make OWA work on IIS6 living on server1, while getting mail from server2?
can we jack the nat around somehow that makes it work while being transparent to the users externally?

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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
You can implement Front end exchange server.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You can install IIS on another server. You might need to do scripting to redirect it to Exchange / Website URL's
B HAuthor Commented:
iis6 is installed on both servers already - if it's possible, looking for a way to do that redirect - while understanding the situation with the one static public ip address

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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
How is your DNS configured for redirection from Outside. I think, Change address in DNS and let DNS redirect it to Exchange at the backend. Check this too

Other solution is to use ISA
B HAuthor Commented:

dns just resolves names to a public ip address - as far as i know anyway... so with one public ip address, i dont know if there's a dns solution we can use... cname maybe?  or service-location maybe?

the KB link above describes how to auto-redirect on iis itself, from http to https, and from default-web-site to /exchange - but doesn't really deal with from server to server

you see what i'm saying, from the outside world, any valid dns hostname resolves to for example forwards port 80 and 443 to server1

we need to figure out a way that 80 and 443 can still hit server1, but people can also get exchange webmail from

if we redirect /exchange on server1 in iis, to point to for example server2/exchange, how would the public get to it with just the one ip address and nat config?
B HAuthor Commented:
hmm i see - so i could install exchange on the server1 machine, checkbox "this is a front-end server", disable unwanted services, and it should work...  

excellent, let me give this a try and i'll post back probably tomorrow

B HAuthor Commented:
selected the wrong answer, amitkulshrestha's comment 35262282 was the way to go
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