Moving a Schema from one oracle 11.3.7 (Linux 5) to a different database server with similar s/w version.

Moving a Schema from a 2 Node RAC on oracle 11.3.7 (Linux 5) to a different database server with 3 Node RAC with similar s/w version.
Please let me know the steps...and I have to validate them also on target db.
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On the source server, use expdp to export the schema you need to a dumpfile
Optionally compress the file
Send the file to the target server
Uncompress if needed
On the target server, use impdp to import the schema

See on Oracle's own wiki examples for expdp and impdp:

I don't know what you mean by "validating", but the commands to give you extensive feedback... even the number of rows actually exported and then actually imported, so if the numbers match you should have no problems. Just make sure that your DBs use the same character set.
Best way is to use datapump schema export/import...

Steps to do...

Full export of your source database
expdp system/password@db10g full=Y directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=DB10G.dmp logfile=expdpDB10G.log

Transfer export file to your target server

Schema import to your target database
impdp scott/tiger@db10g schemas=SCOTT directory=TEST_DIR dumpfile=SCOTT.dmp logfile=impdpSCOTT.log

Good resources to start with dp export/import...
Data Pump Export (expdp) and Data Pump Import(impdp)

Oracle Data Pump in Oracle Database 10g (11g)

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Moving schemas around with DataPump is fine.

But I was not aware oracle database 11.3 has already been released... ^^

dba_shashiAuthor Commented:
I am sorry about that...It was typo..I meant was 11.1.7
The method is still valid for 11.1.7. In other words, it's what you ought to do anyway :-)

...and I bet my bottom dollar that it will still be valid for 11.3! :D
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