nasvdt files - consuming disk space

yesterday about 12:40, my father says that it cannot receive/read e-mail through outlook due a disk full error in a Windows XP Pro
I went to my computer and the free space at C: was 110Kb.
I moved the pst files for my father outlook that totalizes ~20Gb to drive E:.
At night after come from work I decided to defragment the drive C: to consolidate free space. Come to my surprise and the drive has only 200kb free. How this is possible if I moved the files and the source files gone from C:\documents and settings\user\Local Settings\application Data\microsoft\Outlook.
Then I moved my mother e-mails that frees up another 20Gb. I keep pc turned on at night defragmenting the disk.
Today before leaving home at morning I had the 20.1Gb free. At 13h I come to pc and have 400kb free.
Now I decided to search for files modified between March 29 and today March 30 and found 4 or 5 files in c:\windows\temp with name nasvdt-000000xx.eml where xx is a 2 digit number.

nasvdt-00000012.eml with about 21Gb created at March 30 at 12:00
nasvdt-00000022.eml with about 159Gb
nasvdt-00000027.eml with about 0Kb created at March 29 at 11:59
nasvdt-00000028.eml with about 0kb created at March 29 at 11:59
nasvdt-00000032.eml with about 24Gb created at March 29 at 13:54 after I have moved the pst files to drive E: and going to work

It appears to be a outlook express file. I don't have configgured the outlook express and to prove this I open it and says to configure e-mail account.
Now I have deleted the 159Gb for obvious reason.
My fathers using only microsoft outlook 2007

Today afrer lunch I have removed the Microsoft search 4.0 to avoid slowdown and to see if was it that occupies all space. I didnt knew these files. Only now I made the search and find it using windows search.

What is this?
More strange is that the file opens the outlook express and display an e-mail with a foto with 300kb. whre is the rest of space? It has windows XP SP3 that has the update for jpeg files that appeared in WU before Windows xp sp1.
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It sounds like you may have the w32.nimda virus on the system. It creates strange named files with a .eml extension which eats hard drive space. Below is a removal tool from symantec:

There are a couple of variations of this threat. If this is not the correct removal tool for the version you have, simply search for the removal tool. There are several.

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looksmart5000Author Commented:
I'm running the removal tool in the infected computer
looksmart5000Author Commented:
That remover doesn't find the w32.nimda virus in that computer.
I had installed ad-aware 9.0.2 and start ran about wednesday 13h.
Thursday 8h30 it find nothing after 20h running.
At 13h it has 3 objects detected. 2 double click and the other I can't remember. Something like admtd.
It removed and I had 159Gb free at disk. I think that it doesn't run at 12h like before.
Then I delete the other 48Gb that left on disk to see if ad-aware detects anything. NOw after 2 days I had 202 Gb free of disk space.
looksmart5000Author Commented:
That was not that version but then running ad-aware it gives to right direction of problem.
In 20 years of PC computing I never seen a virus so hungry as that....
Glad I was able to point you in the right direction. Nice work!

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