View all the traffic going through switch live

We need to see which port has what traffice from which IP address as they are going through our Dell PowerConnect 5448 switch.
Is there way to do this on the switch (not connecting laptop with packet capture tool installed to the switch)?

Thank you!
ISHELPIT ManagerAsked:
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koudryConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I don't know anything about PowerConnect 5448 switches but you may want to investigate whether you turn on some debugging. IP Packet debugging will be a useful one if it is supported.

You may also try some form of packet sniffer. If you can borrow a Cisco 3750 from somewhere, you may want to try the Cisco SPAN technology [ see also]

emilgasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think you can do that with that switch. PowerConnect 5448 is not a Layer 3 switch. You can only do that with layer 3 switches.
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