Exchange 2007 Queue question

Hi all,

Got a small query, we are running Exchange 2007, for some reason today outbound, external email started to fail to be delivered. I checked the queues on Exchange 2007 and nothing appeared to be backing up in the queue.
My question is about the queue, and how to view what email is stored and whereas I don't understand how the E2007 queue functionality works (I'd like to learn if someone could explain how?)

We managed to fix outbound email, something was wrong with Exchange seeing our Smarthost, and outbound external email is now flowing, but we have since started to received lots of delayed email reports from emails that were sent to external recipients earlier:

Delivery is delayed to these recipients or distribution lists:


"Message body"

Deliver of this message will be attempted until 4/1/2011 **:**:** etc etc etc


Now, I still cannot see any email in the queues, but upon looking in:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\data\Queue

I can see there is a "mail.que" file just over 90mb in size.

Questions are: 1) Is this all the queued mail that should be delivered now? 2) If i keep getting "Delivery is delayed" messages, yet outbound external email is working 100% how can I push the email through? 3) How do I view this email in the queue?

Appreciate the help.

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Try opening the 2007 Exchange Management Console. Click on Toolbox in the bottom left. Double-click Queue Viewer in the center pane.

You can connect to your hub server and see the outbound queues.

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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
1.  The mail.que file is a database and its size can increase for a number of reasons. However, if there is any mail actually in the queues on your server, you should be able to see it when you go to Tools/Queue Viewer.  Be sure you are viewing the ENTIRE list - sometimes it will focus on the bottom of the list and there will be queues that you can't see.  There's a little indicator at the bottom right of the Queue viewer screen that says "Items [no.] of [total no.]."  Be sure you are on Item 1 of [total number].

2. Delivery delays again can be caused by a number of reasons, not all of which are on your end.  You'd need to look at the errors in the queue to see what is causing the delivery (the Exchange "delivery delay" message really doesn't tell you why).

3. If there is any mail in any queue on the server it will be displayed in the Queue Viewer. Do you have more than one Exchange server at your site? Could you please post a screen capture of your queue viewer display - and remember to blank out your domain names or server names that you might not want everyone to see.
georgefowlerAuthor Commented:
Thank you both, since discovered (by using the connect to server option given above) that a project had been going on which had created a DR Exchange Server elsewhere (embarrasing, but these things happen I guess!) - this Exchange server I found the queued mail on is just in prep for a DR site - it has no roles on it and cannot send email at all.

I've loaded up the queue for this Hub Server and I can see lots of email queued.

Now, the next two questions will be:

1) how do I get this email back to the main server - if this is the case? I mean, the mail.que file was located on our "main" Exchange server - do I need to mvoe mail back?

2) How do I re-submit the mail for deliver - or does this happen automatically? (can't see an option from within the queue)
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
I apologize for not responding yesterday.  I don't know of any way to move email from one Exchange 2007 queue to another. It may be possible to move the queue database, but I'm not sure if that will work. Did you try it?

Barring that, the simplest thing (if it's not too large a backlog) would be to remove the mail from the DR server queue, make sure that server is NOT connected to your live Exchange organization, and then have the users re-submit the email.
georgefowlerAuthor Commented:
Not a problem, once we discovered this new server!!! We allowed access to the Smarthost for it and then the mail got re-submitted and arrived at destination.

Got a new problem now though!!! (submitted a new question under "Exchange".

Thanks for your help yesterday :-)
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