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I do QA for mobile applications and am looking for some background information regarding the inability, as a developer, to respond to user reviews for iPhone apps in the App Store.  I understand that this is not possible, at least today, but I need something "official" stating that.  I would have hoped that this would be either in, or in a document similar to, the App Store Review Guidelines doc, but that's not the case.

I was able to see several references to this while using Google, but most are just blogs.  Does anyone know if an official document exists, or a reference to this somewhere on Apples website?

Thanks much!!
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You cannot directly talk to the users that leave your reviews (I know... it sucks).  

What I would do, is have an in-application contact feature.  Therefore, users can contact you from inside the application and if they really want a fix or an update, they will probably contact you and you will be able to contact them back.
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