Access Data disappaer

Hi All

We use access as our database, all of the data out of table just disappeared... around (125,000 records).

To make it worse our backup solution had stop working a few weeks back...

Anyidea how the table empty it self? or how to find out what did it?


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It may not matter,  but what version of access are you using?  Are you able to undo?  Was the data linked to an excel spreadsheet outside the database? Did you possibly create a copy of the table carrying over only the format?  If you are using a form to input data check to see if the form is still linked to the correct table or query.  These are just a few thoughts.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
Basically, only two ways:

1) Corruption
2) Someone deleted the data.

How to find out? Not really ... guess we would have to 'be there'

What happened to the backup?

Matb396Author Commented:
Access 2010 and no spreadsheets or anything....

We "were" using a online backup services but there server broke or something and they failed to tell us that until i ring them early on today....

I don't think someone deleted it....

I keep trying to import the old stuff we have from a few weeks ago.... and it keeps going on about the database might be corrupt and it wouldn't let me paste any record in... I've click on the  "compact and repair" which seem to of fixed it.  

Is there anyway of pre-eventing any future corruption.... By using SQL Server? or something?


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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
"I've click on the  "compact and repair" which seem to of fixed it.  "
That was my next suggestion ... and you got lucky this time.

"Is there anyway of pre-eventing any future corruption"
Daily Compact & Repair is the *best* preventative maintenance you can do on an Access db ... I guarantee you that.

Of course, SQL Server is an more 'robust' database in that context ... if you have the option.

Matb396Author Commented:
Is there any different between access and SQl Server?? We have 5 different program feeding in to i know connection string is different, but anything else?  

One of our database table is growing at rate of 2500 records aday..
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
"Is there any different between access and SQl Server?? "
Well ... yes, HUGE.  
An Access db has a 2GB size limit just to start with ...  so, in 365 days you will be at approx 1 million records ... and depending on the record size, you could well approach the 2GB limit ... or a LOT sooner.

SQL Server is of course more stable and secure than an Access db, but also more expensive.


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Matb396Author Commented:
That at a growing of about + 40 every day.... so in about 119 days will be hitting a million....

And i was meaning how you program? i think i read some where that the date is just stored as a string?


O and FYI if i done the maths right there should be about 52 million in wihth 365 days... and about 833,000 a day
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