Outlook 2010 printing issues

We're starting to roll out Office 2010 to the office, but we're testing on a few machines first. When we try to print emails with embedded images or links to the internet (such as an airline or hotel itinerary), the print preview takes a long time to come up.  I've searched Google and Experts Exchange, and haven't found an answer yet.

From what I've been able to gather, it doesn't matter if the user is using POP, IMAP, connected to an Exchange Server (cached or not); it's a problem with Outlook itself.

My guess is that there has to be a way to disable showing the heavy html based emails that have tons of graphics and links to the internet, but I can't find that option in Outlook anywhere.
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Have you completed all the updates?
Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings ->Automatic Download.

Here there is an option:  "Don't download pictures automatically in HTML messages or RSS items."

Beneath that are more options, none of which are available unless the above option is enabled.  If you uncheck the top sub-option, Outlook will not download images within emails from the web unless from a sender defined in your Safe Senders and Safe Recipients List.

Printing will probably return to normal with this option unchecked.  Not exactly a solution, but for us this was usually only a problem when printing flight itineraries and other automatically generated emails from various places where pictures aren't neccessary.

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