Can no longer open Domino-based AddressBook in Notes 8.5.2

Using Domino COM Toolkit in C# to retrieve AddressBook entries...

In previous versions of Lotus Notes, my application is able to retrieve the array of address books from the NotesSession object like this:

Array books = session.AddressBooks as Array;
foreach (NotesDatabase book in books)
  if (book.IsOpen == false)
// get entries

In our deployment, books is a two element array where the second element is the address book on the Domino server.  In Notes 8.5.1, this code is fine and my application can open the Domino address book and retrieve its entries.  However, in Notes 8.5.2, opening the Domino address book throws an exception when calling Open.

Oddly enough, neither 8.5.1 nor 8.5.2 Notes client can open an entry from the Domino address book, displaying the error dialog: "You are not authorized to perform that operation."

Does anyone have an explanation for this?  Is it possible that the API for 8.5.1 should be behaving similarly and was fixed in 8.5.2?
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Not sure, but security may have been tightened slightly.

1) If the clients can not access, then you need to have the Admin check the ACL and fix that first.

When the clients can access, then the same thing should work via the API

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Seems correct to me. What was the message thrown exactly?

This is probably nonsense, but could IsOpen be a function...

      if(!book.IsOpen()) {
jlalandeAuthor Commented:
IsOpen is a property and I have had that code in place for a few years without incident.  The failure is occurring on Open.

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040FCB): Database open failed (CN=alpha-domino/O=test!!names.nsf)

Anyway, it definitely seems like a permissions issue and that 8.5.2 tightened up the API.
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