No network provider accepted the given network path

Hello experts,

I received this error if i type \\computer . now i can get to computer by ip address(\\10.....). Just a note this is running over a vpn tunnel. computer a is one side and computer b on other. Either way i try it same result. now i can go \\computer.domainname.local and access the files fine. I have check the dns between each site and they are copying the current zone info. (There are no conflicting computer names).

am i missing a port through firewall? i open ports 445 and 138.

i like to be able to \\computer becuase of a database issue i am working on.
any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
I would try adding domainname.local to the DNS suffix search list on the client or server. Just going to \\computername does not perform a DNS lookup and tries to resolve via hosts file, broadcast or WINS.

My guess is that neither WINS or hosts file entries exists so your computer resorts to broadcast resolution which most times will not go across a WAN connection (won't get past router).
jamyoungAuthor Commented:
Yeah i can do it that way but i like to have to . but thanks
jamyoungAuthor Commented:
jamyoungAuthor Commented:
FYI i figured out how to get it to work with having to do \\computer.domain.local

all you have to do is go in to your network adapter properties, internet protocal, advanced, dns, and click tab for append these dns suffixes. and add the domains that you need dns to be able to look up . for example add:domain.local and domain2.local. and it works like a charm.
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