Custom Workflow Causes Exception (workflow task content type not found)

I used SharePoint Designer 2007 to create a custom workflow for a list on one of our sites.  The workflow is very straight-forward: it executes automatically when an item is created, and is set to send an email if a particular drop-down is set to "yes".  When an item is added to the list with the field set to yes, no email is sent.  Looking at the logs, an exception is being thrown with the following message: "The requested workflow task content type was not found on the SPWeb."

The odd thing is that we have workflows that are almost identical setup on lists on a different site (same site collection) that work flawlessly.  I have looked at the setups for both sites and as far as I can tell they are setup identical.

Any takers?
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InformationSystemsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I solved our problem.

I got looking at our Tasks lists on the backend, particularly the tp_ContentTypes column on the AllLists table.  I noticed the Tasks list for the site that was working had the Workflow Task content type enabled whereas the non-working site's Tasks list did not.

For some reason we have two "Tasks" list templates that can be used when creating a Tasks list for a site.  I created test lists using each template and discovered that one template allows the Workflow Task content type while the other does not.  I blew away the existing Tasks list (and my test lists) and recreated it using the template that did allow the Workflow Task content type.  Then I used SharePoint Designer to change my workflow to use the new Tasks.  Now the workflow is working correctly.

Hopefully this helps someone else.
Rafael ISolutions EngineerCommented:
If you copied the workflows, i would make sure the workflows correctly correspond with the variables that they refer to in their respective lists.  

Maybe the site with the working list has a Task list that the site with the non-working list doesn't have.  Or, if they both have a Task list, it might have different content types/variables.

If the lists are "virtually" the same, I would look into the other lists that probably weren't copied exactly the same, if at all.
InformationSystemsAuthor Commented:
Nope.  Didn't copy the workflows.  I used SharePoint Developer to create the non-working one from scratch.  Not sure what was used to create the working one, but I opened it in SPD and it is essentially identical (with regards to logic) as the non-working workflow.  Also the Task lists for both sites are identical with regard to content types and variables.
InformationSystemsAuthor Commented:
This solved our problem, so hopefully it solves someone else's.
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