Random meeting times off one hour (not a TZ issue)

Hi, all!  Workstations are Windows 7, Office 2010; Exchange server is 2k3.  This problem occurs (seemingly) randomly for different users, while other users report no problems.  Date, time, and time zones have been verified and are correct on all workstations in question, as well as on the Exchange 2003 cluster.

Occassionally (enough to be annoying, but not replicable) a user's meeting appointments will change time by one hour.  Meetings set for 1:00p will start appearing as 2:00p.  Today, on two separate calendars shared by three people, all meetings in one day advanced one hour.  All other meetings on other days are still correct.  Basically, our attorney's calendars are shared with their secretaries.  On this particular day in question, meetings were created on individual calendars by everyone concerned (two calendars, three people), and a couple others were meeting invites from outside the Company.  All meeting creators are in the same time zone as the company, and one invitee for one meeting is in a different time zone.  As I mentioned, all of today's meetings for this group were advanced one hour; past meetings and future meetings are still correct.

For another group (no shared calendars between the two groups) occassionally a single meeting will start displaying as one hour ahead of the time it was origianlly scheduled for.  Meetings this has happened on have both originated at the Company, and others have been originated outside the Company.

I cannot replicate the reported problem; all tests using different machines and different accounts on the same platform function correctly.  All meetings in question were created AFTER the recent DST time change here in US.  Most other users report no problems at all with their  meetings, but admittedly they don't schedule as many meetings as these two groups.  Also, please note that this is NOT a reminder issue; this is the time in the actual meeting changing from when it was originally set.

Are there any known unresolved issues with using Outlook 2010 in an Exchange 2003 environment that relates to something like this?  I've looked at what I could find regarding the time zone tool, but from what I've read is really doesn't apply to Outlook 2010.

Thanks, and suggestions welcome!

edit: these machines are all clean builds; none have had older operating systems on them, and none have had any other versions of Office/Outlook installed on them.
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lucid8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest that the DST patch is applied even thought you don't think it is related since it could be a cascading issue. Worse case you are up to date.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
SteveAtLSCAuthor Commented:
amitkulshrestha, thanks for replying.

None of the modifications/fixes in the referenced hotfix apply to us, so no, this hotfix has not been applied.

Also, all machines involved have the DST & TZ settings set correctly (see my original post).  Thanks!
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
SteveAtLSCAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I'll install the DST update anyway, and see what happens.  

Closing ticket since problem isn't readily replicable.
Thanks for the points and let us know how it turns out
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