Free or Commercial SFTP server for win2003

Hi there,

Do you know of a free or commercial package that'd allow me to run my own SFTP service on my server?

I've tried the one on but it's an amateurish product at best that doesn't work (can't even upload a file without seeing 20 different errors.)

many thanks.
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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
I have 2 suggestions for this depending on your skill level.

OpenSSH on Cygwin -

This is free and is configured (after install) almost exactly like it would be in Linux.  I've used this solution on W2k3 Server many times and it works like a champ.  It takes a bit more skill than the next product and involves editing text files for configuration but it's completely free.   The link above is a good tutorial on how to get it setup.

Titan FTP Server -

This product costs a bit of money but is very easy to install, configure, and maintain.  You can train just about anyone to do user maintenance once the directory structure is setup.  It supports FTP, SFTP (SSH), and FTPS (SSL).  
I would not install in on my Win2003 server.

Find an old computer and install Freenas OS (free open source) and run SFTP(SSH).
I actually run it as virtual machine on my network.  
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eggster34Author Commented:
saastech, I didn't really ask what you would do, did I?
I HAVE to install it on this windows 2003 server, otherwise I'd have set up a linux server and be done with it. .)
Diogo UchoasNetwork and Security AnalystCommented:
SSHWindows and openSSH (Cygwin) are good choices.
I would bank on what mcsween said.

I have used titan for years now and works great.
I would at least try
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