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Stream IP Cam live 24/7 - Beachcam

Hello Experts,

I am doing some research and I would like the input of this community.

I have a Mobotix M24 IP camera and would like to stream this to the web and eventually embed it in my website.  I expect a max of 15/20 concurrent users at most.  However, I do need the ability to scale in case we get more traffic in the future.

Please share you ideas on software or web services that could help me accomplish this.  

I initially looked at Ustream, Bitgravity, and JustinTV, but I don't think those services will work since this is an IP can, not a webcam that has a driver installed a pc, which is what is needed for the client side software to work with those services.

Thank you in advance for your replies.
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Try using Argus  DVR software, works well with IP and USB cameras as a range can be input to detect such devices, there is a free version however it shows a small watermark in the top left hand corner of the video window. It also has the ability to control access or leave open. Here is there link:
Also take a look at YAWCAM

I don't have any suggestions on a Service, though.
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Thanks for the input.  It seems though that both the Argus and Yawcam are going to need to be setup on a local PC/Server.  I would like to avoid this.  Is there a service that is available to stream that will host the video. This way it will be able to handle 10 to 20 concurrent users watching the stream and scale up to 50 concurrent users streaming?

Thanks again.
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Thank you much.   : )