Reinstall OS X 10.4.6 on iBook

I am trying to install OS X 10.4.6 on an iBook.
See here:

I am installing from a DVD copy made by the local apple store.

The "Checking your installation DVD" part completes without errors.

During the install it stops and says:
BomFatalError - cpio read error: bad file format
Install failed: some files for BSD may not have been written correctly

I've tried this twice, both with the same error.

In the Disk Utility - First Aid tab, I tried Verify Disk and Repair disk, both which fail with "Could not unmount disk"

I also tried Verify Disk Permission and Repair Disk Permissions, both of which complete successfully.

What can I do next?

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My guess is that you need a real installer. The one Apple made for you may not work.

The other possibility is that there is a problem with your iBook. Do you have the luxury of backing up your harddrive and zeroing out the drive and then trying it. I would definitely consider it.
The other possibility if you really can't wipe the drive first is to use a 3rd party disk utility such as Disk Warrior to clean up the drive before attempting the install. This was a critical step back in the days of iBooks and 10.4. But not needed if you wipe the disk. Did I mention wipe the disk?

Once your data is backed up. You can boot from the 10.4 DVD and run the provided Disk Utility. From there you can perform a secure erase. It will take some time, but you only need the one pass. From there you will have either:

Perfect success or a bad hard drive or a bad install disk or other bad hardware.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
All is backed up, I can zero out the hard drive, no problem. Do you mean Erase in the Disk Utility?
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Yes, but secure erase is a little better.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
My choices there are:
Don't erase data
1 pass erase
7 pass
35 pass

So I'll erase the data, but is more than once really necessary?
no, 1 pass. Actually, I mentioned that above.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
sorry, missed that.
allelopathAuthor Commented:
Zero Disk failed with error
Could not unmount disk.
Sounds like a bad hard drive.
Sorry about that last post. I rushed it.
The hard drive install on an iBook is actually quite difficult, particularly the first time. I would call around to find an independent MACINTOSH technician who has done these iBook hard drives many times. Someone with experience can do it in one to 1.5 hours. You will need one of the old IDE laptop drives not one of the new SATA drives.

For an excellent overview of what is involved with the install, choose your specific model here:

because this is a big job for an old machine, you may find some decent hard drive test that you could use before going through all of this. You can use Target Disk mode to connect your iBook to a working Mac and run the test from there.

Since you mentioned the local Apple store, I would make an appointment with them and have them run a test on the HD. They have the tools and probably won't charge. I'm pretty sure they won't have a cost effective replacement option for you though, you will need an indy Mac shop for that, if you are in Boulder, CO

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