How to run own mail server?

I have the idea of setting up "MS Exchange mail server" in windows and "Squirrel mail server" or something in linux. I have some domain names publicly registered. I am using google hosted mail domain(paid) for sending and receving mails to one another.

One thing I don't understand is what I've to do to run own mail server to exchange mails GLOBALLY either in windows or linux.

I have registered domains and I want to know what are the requirements to run own mail server so that all the employees in my office access the mail server anywhere in the world and exchange mails one another. I think it's called an SMTP server, anybody could short-list the things/requirements to run my own SMTP mail server?

Thank you all!
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All you need is a mail server ... something like Exchange on Windows ... or sendmail, or postfix, ... on linux.

But if you already have Google hosted mail domain, then why don't you just use that?  Why are you taking on the headache of setting up and maintaining another server?

Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
Yes, of course but I'll have to do it in the future if it is needed anywhere. Running own mail server looks elegant and beneficial but needs good maintenance. We may have to stop using google hosted domain.
Being a system analyst, it's my responsibility to do these things, of course headache starts.

Simply installing and configuring mail services I can send and receive the mails?. I guess running DNS services with the registered domain I have is mandatory..?. Nothing required?

this link has some good information:

Also, this website has tutorials for setting up Linux servers:
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Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
I guess some services should be running?. Only DNS is enough?
an example to setup your own email server in linux :
1. install sendmail (many linux eg fedora comes with sendmail already), if you don't have it, run 'yum install sendmail)
2. configure the sendmail (eg your email domain, hosts, dns, how emails are relayed, etc)
3. sendmail is the MTA, you also need a pop3/imap service (eg dovecot) for your users to retrieve their mailboxes
4. need to update your domain's MX record to point to your new email servers, so that other email servers know where to deliver emails destined to your domain
5. you might also request your ISP to setup RDNS for your domain.  there are chances that some email servers will reject your emails if they don't see a proper RDNS record (as seen in some spammers)

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Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
@dereklinrs: which is best Sendmail or Postfix? what do you think?

there has been many comparisons between the 2 MTA in respect to security, speed and ease of setup, etc.  i have been working with sendmail so far and we are also using squirrelmail, so i quote it in the example.  postfix is thought to be faster and more secure.  if you are building a new email system, it is worthwhile to try it.    

best regards,
Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
Is ldap or nis mandatory for running mail server?
hi, ldap or nis is for sharing network resources such as files and directories.  the MTA does not mandate the use of these services.
Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
It is said to install MS exchange server on windows Active Directory is necessary.

I thought Active Directory = LDAP (or) NIS.
if your mail server platform is windows/sbs, then active directory is required, but these are not equal to nis.  
Thyagaraj03Author Commented:
ok I'll try and get back to you if any!
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