Certificate Error "A revocation check could not be performed for the certificate"

Hello Experts,

I am seeing this error on a new WIndows 7 X64 laptop when connecting via RDP  to a Server 2008R2 machine running terminal services. I just installed the server and a 2048 bit godaddy cert. I looked at the other posts concerning this issue but my issue is unique beucase I am only seeing the problem on the new laptop...I can connect from every other machine I have tried (including windows 7) just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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JohnnyD74Author Commented:
Thanks Dave but that did not help. A windows update to SP1 however fixed the problem.
I assume you can hit the CRL URL from that particular machine?

If you can hit the CRL and it isn't being blocked for some reason, the cert may not be properly installed.

I found we needed to add the CA cert to the clients "local computer" list of Trusted Root Authorities by going through mmc.exe, then File | Add Snap-in | Certificates | Local Computer and importing the CA certificate to the Trusted Root Authorities area.

JohnnyD74Author Commented:
Found my own solution here.
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