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I am currently deploying a new SharePoint 2010 solution for internal use and has run into a rather annoying problem:

The SharePoint 2010 server has been installed with English language, and then I added Danish language support to it. I can create both English and Danish sites, and the interface perfectly reflects the chosen language, except for one detail.

When I click on the ? icon to get help on a Danish site, the new help browser-window just shows "Hjælp-indholdet kan ikke vises" (Help-content cannot be shown). The LCID part of the URL is correctly sat to 1030, but no help is shown. On an English site, there is no problem displaying the help.

The weird thing is, if I create an English sub-site to a Danish site, selects help here, closes the help-window and return to the Danish site and click Help, it CAN display the Danish help-content, at least for a while.

Anyone have an idea what might be the problem here and how to solve it?

Best Regards,
David Bych

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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
You're not the first to encounter this. Interesting how the other user was using Norwegian - I'm wondering if some special characters are interfering with the script on the page.

Anyway, suggest you take a look at the KB939313 article first and see if your set up looks correct;
DBychAuthor Commented:
Thanks JamieMcAllister,

I tried everything else, but had to set the SQL permission manually in order for it to work. I'll keep an eye out for a better solution, but close the question and award the points.
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