Does anyone know if QuickBooks can import a csv file containing payroll data?

I am working with a programmer that says that I can import a text file containing an employees name, date worked, the amount of hours worked and at what rate and then have it all be computed automatically so that all I need to do is import it into QuickBooks 2009 and it will look just like I entered it manually. The employeeswill be using a web based time clock which is where the data will come from.
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From a CSV file, no you're not able to import and employee data. You can enter some employee data with an .iif file. I would enter one employee by hand with all the fields you want to import filled out. Then go to FILE>Utilities>Export>Lists to iif and select Employee List.

An .iif file is a text (Tab delimited) file which means it can be open by Word or Excel. I suggest Excel as it will be easier to read. You can then see what fields you entered manually exported as those are the ones you imported.

You can go here: to find out more about .iif files and formats. There are also add on apps that will create the file for you, but again I'd do the export first to see if it's worth buying an add on. You can find more add ons at

Other than .iif the only way you can enter any employee data is to some actual programing, and you'd still be limited to what you can import.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I agree, We looked into this same type of process a few years ago and were limited to IIF files also.
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