fabs autoback for tech

Has anyone used this program? Can anyone vouch that it's reliable? Also, after backing up with this program a person's data, and before using the restore feature, must you install all the programs whose data you backed up first.  In other words, if you backed up outlook data with this program, then resintall windows do you need to reinstall outlook first before doing a restore.

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And sorry to answer your question regarding Outlook - from I've read Fabs website, you would have reinstall Outlook as it only backs up the PST.
I'm not too sure as I've never used it but from reading their website it's not very powerful and is quite expensive considering the little it does.

What exactly are you wanting to backup, your own personal pc or customer pc's ?

I'd recommend looking at ShadowProtect Desktop it backs up everything and will restore to different hardware.


If it's for a pc shop environment then I'd use a free or paid disk cloning tool or ShadowProtect IT.

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