Windows domain decommission process

We have a scenario that we acquuire a comapny with their Windows domain A.  We have our own windows domain B.  So at the time of merging, we didnt merge the two windows domain and also did not create any trust relationship.  Just created the mailboxes for the other domain.  Now we want to transfer everythign from the domain A to domain B.  We have to move across the following:
- Application Servers
- File servers
- Print Servers
- SQL Servers
- Any other memeber server
- All workstations
- etc

What is the best approcach would for this kind of scenario.

Note:  Windows domain A and B are windows 2003 doamins
Should we do everything manually or is there any utility or script we could use for this.

May be we dont have to worry much on the applicaiton and SQLsite.

Thanks in advance

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Hilal1924Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I can deduce from your question that you have already migrated the users. And now need to migrate the server stuff from Domain A to Domain B. Without a Trust relationship or a federation it si going to be diffcult because since you have already migrated the users, the permissions on Shares and applications would no longer be applicable. If you don't want to create a Federation you will need to Migrate the Application and other servers and assign permissions manually. Adding them to the domain and changing the DNS related information should  be easy.
elawAuthor Commented:
The users have not been migrated.
We created new users in domain b for email and file level access purposes.  
elawAuthor Commented:
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