BackUp Exec 2010 completed but with exceptions

hi Guys.

My backups seem to be completing, although with exceptions. I get the following message after the backup has run:

"Backup Exec Alert: Job Completed with Exceptions
(Server: "SAUBKU01") (Job: "SAU Incremental Backup") The job completed successfully.  However, the following conditions were encountered:

A snapshot operation required by this job was unsuccessful. Check the job log and the Windows Event Viewer for additional information."

has anyone got an idea what this means? I am new at Backup Exec and i cannot find much on google about this. PLEASE HELP!!!
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David_HagermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you tell me which Snapshot provider you are selecting in your backup? To find this go to your job and click Advance Open File and let us know what selection you are using.

what does the job log say?  you should be able to click on the error and it will take you to the relevant place in the job log.  

What snapshot provider are you using on the job?  The recommended is the Microsoft VSS.
Jarrod, i would check that the MS VSS service is running. This problem occurs when the snapshot service isn't running on the remote server.

This error seems to be related to what you are talking about

let us know the outcome

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jarrod_williamsAuthor Commented:
I started the MS VSS service, the VSS service didnt start.

I set the Backup Exec to run using MS VSS and not VSS. In theory this will work, but i will double check once the backup has run.
jarrod_williamsAuthor Commented:
I started all the services as suggested, i did this on thursday.  The Job is still completing but with exceptions.

I am going to do some more research into the problem.
hi, there

1. ok the VSS Microsoft service has to be set to manual in services.msc.
2. 20% free space on drive c:\ if this is a system state backup.

try this out first and on the next backup start the sgmon.exe and select all you can post here the relevant logs.

What kind of Operating system is the backup from ?.

jarrod_williamsAuthor Commented:
The Snapshot provider that is been used is "Automatic: allow VSS to select the snapshot provider"
jarrod_williamsAuthor Commented:
It is completing now, but with exceptions. Still trying to find the cause of the problem.
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