Find processes consuming memory in Linux

Is there a way to find out what processes are consuming how much memory (in kb or mb ) in linux.
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Monis MontherConnect With a Mentor System ArchitectCommented:
I usualy run this and look at the RSS field. this will sort the proccess by physical memory usage (The most being at the bottom so you dont need to scroll up).

The RSS field is the same as the RSZ mensioned in the previous post (Physical Memory Used)

ps ax -yl --sort:rss
run the command top
Abhishek_ChibConnect With a Mentor Commented:

First find the process id or process name like java etc

then :

# ps -eHo user,pid,ppid,ni,pri,pcpu,rsz,vsz,cmd | grep pid or process name

Main concentration on rsz and vsz of the process

RSZ : Resident set size (the amount of physical memory), in kilobytes. (RSZ for rsz; otherwise RSS)
VSZ : Virtual memory size, in kilobytes of the entire process. (VSZ)

Or you can follow in more advance : 
sanpradeepAuthor Commented:
The top command is not what I was looking for. I wanted the amount of memory utilized by processes.

Thanks for the solution..
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