How to get a USB device to work remotely


I have a number of users using LogMeIn Pro2 to access their PC from a remote office/home. I am having a bit of trouble with one issue. A secretary is going to have to type some dictations that will be recorded in the main office and she will be located in the remote office. I have the remote sound working OK on the dictations.

We use a dictation program called dictanet and I want to try and get the USB Footpedal to work remotely to control the dictations (play/forward/rewind). I have tried already by setting up both PC's with the same Footpedal but to no avail.

Is there any other method or program that I can use to enable this function. Operating systems are XP and Windows 7


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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

Would using something like this send the right commands via LogMeIn:


you can use Key Remapping to simulate a button press when the padal is pressed

you can use software like KeyTweak

or you willing to do some programming autohotkey
Daithi_McAuthor Commented:
Both good answers and plenty of extra useful tips.

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