Citrix/Broadband conflict

Is it true that home broadband providers kick up a fuss if people use remote access tools to remote onto corporate networks and use the internet connection from the remote server you have accessed? Or is that a myth. Someone said that we will be allowed to access corporate servers using citrix access gateway, and people raised the issue as to whether their home broadband provider will be ok with this or if they’d get hit with more bills?
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Sounds like a myth to me. Most ISP's wouldn’t care, its just data. If in doubt contact your provider and ask the question but it seems very unlikely that they would be bothered either way.
Carl WebsterCommented:
I have never had an issue with any ISP I have used over the years of accessing Citrix servers remotely (since 1998).  None of my hundreds of customers have ever any issues with all their remote workers.  And since the new federal Telecommuting law for federal workers is in affect, I seriously doubt ANY ISP would want to incur an investigation by the Justice Dept. if they tried to institute such a change or charge.
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