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Do you have specific baseline security configurations for domain workstations based on their usage? i.e. a normal baseline for certain users in medium security areas, and a high security baseline for workstations used by users in more sensitive areas? Or do you do a one size fits all type configuration for all your workstations regardless of areas they work in if some are more sensitive than others?

I wondered about PCI rules here, what about intranet apps that process CC data, are there any specific requirements for workstations accessing this system, that wouldn’t be so much of an issue for workstations that weren’t using this System. One other example is we collect highly sensitive data via post and this is scanned in and stored on a document management system. As far as I know the scanner is only accessible from the machine it is attached, but is that machine more vulnerable due to the sensitivity of the data is scans?  I don’t really know much about scanners to quantify the risk in this case.
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You should apply security templates ( or restrict access to sensitive computers with NAP/IPSec etc. The computer that stores the scanned data is the one more vulnerable and should be treated accordingly.
Felix LevenSenior System and Databaseadministrator
Global security, maybe not a perfect answer to your question:

A guide to Vista and higher security settings  can be found here:

In Windows xp/2003 for example, you can deploy templates to change the baseline of a system:

This was the case in Windows XP cause the standard baseline met the highest compatibility with older microsoft clients (very low securtiy). On the other side this was pretty bad for a stand alone, direct internet acces XP machine or high secure networks.

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