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Hi i'm looking for some software to monitor several locations website traffic from a central base, is there a router that can email me with any web traffic that has passed through then i can search the data for certain keywords i am interested in, or will i have to install software on the pc's i am trying to monitor, there are only a couple of pc's used at each site (12 sites in all) but would rather have an automated setup from within the router if possibe. there all adsl connections
Thanks Jamie
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tamesidecomputersAuthor Commented:
hi sorry i think it was misunderstood i am not trying to monitor a particular website, heres the scenario
a client has several offices and he wants to know what websites are visited during the office opening times of the computers connected to the internet, there is a max of 2 pc's in each office, he wants me to set up a way so each office emails him with a log file containing a list of sites visited during said times so he can see if its work related or not, is there a way of doing  this through the router so the pc doesnt send the email but the router does ti automatically
try google analysis
they will give you a piece of code , put it on your site
then you cann acces it using your gmil account ,
tamesidecomputersAuthor Commented:
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