How to export security groups permissions on Fileserver?

Hi Experts,

How can I export the permission for the security groups in Active Directory?

I mean each group has a specific permission to access the folders in Fileserver,
How do I export those permission sepratly in CSV file? and can I see wich kind of permission that this group has? "READ or "WRITE" ??

I want to export all the permission on all the folders in the Fileserver and what kind of permission?

For Example:
I have SecurityGroups exists in AD.:
A, B, C and D.
and I have Folders in Fileserver called:
HR, PR, Finance and IT.

I want to know what type of permission does those Groups have on these folders.  

or the other way around:
Who is accessing Folder HR from these groups and what kind of access "READ" or "WRITE"?

  Thank you
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nwgservicesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi there Ballack.

I think you need AccessEnum. you can find it here Its an application by Systernals.\
More info here

hope this helps !
To clarify a little :

In the text box at the top of the window, enter the root path of the directory tree or registry subkey that you want to examine, then click Scan. AccessEnum examines the security descriptors of each object under the specified root, then displays only those objects that have security that differs from their parent containers'. AccessEnum abstracts permissions into one of three categories—Read, Write, and Deny—which it shows as columns. If a user or group is granted any type of Read access (e.g., Read Permissions, Read Data) to a file, AccessEnum shows the user as having Read access. The tool handles Write and Deny accesses similarly. (The tool groups permissions in this way to prevent its output from becoming overwhelming.) Thus, if a user has any of the possible Read accesses to a particular directory but not to the parent directory, AccessEnum lists the directory name in the Path column and the user account in the entry's Read column. For example, suppose a user has Write access to the \Windows\System32 directory and all subdirectories but not to the \Windows directory. AccessEnum will return an entry for \Windows\System32, listing the user account in the Write column.

Taken from : Here


BallackAuthor Commented:
thanks nwgservices,
It worked perfectly but is there away to save the output  as a .CSV file ??

thanks man that was really helpfull.
BallackAuthor Commented:
thanks done.
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