Shutting down a 2007 Exchange server

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Uninstall cannot continue. Database 'Public Folder Database': The public folder database "Servername\Second Storage Group\Public Folder Database" contains folder replicas. Before deleting the public folder database, remove the folders or move the replicas to another public folder database. For detailed instructions about how to remove a public folder database, see
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Cannot find the Recipient Update Service responsible for domain 'DC=Domain,DC=com'. New and existing users may not be properly Exchange-enabled.

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Trying to remove an exchange server and keep getting the message above.  I've moved all replica's and amde sure everything is empty but it keeps giving me the error.  Even tried to follow the instructions it links too.  But i can't get it to remove the Offline address book folders even though they are now somewhere else.

Any ideas on what i'm doing wrong??

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AkhaterSolutions ArchitectCommented:
first run get-publicfolderstatistics if it returns nothing

run adsiedit.msc

connect to the configuration partition (NOT the default naming context)

-> services -> ms exchange -> organization -> administartive groups => Microsoft Exchange admin group blabla bla .... -> servers --> yourserver -> second storage group and delete the Public folder database


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Do you get this even after restarting the System Attendant?
akitsupportAuthor Commented:
Okay when i run get-publicfolderstatistics

Everything is empty except a folder called exchangeV1 never heard of it??

We do have a 2003 Exchange folder could it be coming from there?

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AkhaterSolutions ArchitectCommented:
how did you move them ?

did you run the moveallpfreplicas ?
akitsupportAuthor Commented:
Just sorted that folder and still get the same error message.

@Michaellan indeed we do.

akitsupportAuthor Commented:
@Akhater didn't need to as it was being replicated to the one were removing from the 2003 server.  So i switched replication off.

AkhaterSolutions ArchitectCommented:
open the EMC -> toolbox -> Public folder management and see if y ou see this exchangev1

right click properties replciation and check if it is still replicated to you 2007 if so remove it
akitsupportAuthor Commented:
Yeah done that and its sorted i ended up using the ADSIEdit option you suggested simply because we've been going round for a few days and we wanted it over and done with.

Now to run Best Practice and such to see what mess doing it has done.

Thanks for the help Akhater

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