Certificate Error on SBS2008 using Outlook 2007

Hi Guys,

This is quite a common problem but i can't seem to find a clear and concise answer for it:
We have migrated from a SBS2003 box to a new SBS2008. Mail has been migrated over successfully however when the users open up outlook it shows a warning 'The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site'
I can obviously click Yes to proceed and all works fine but we need to get this resolved.
If i view the certificate the issued to and issued by is sbs2008machine.internal.domain.

On the SBS2008 machine i go into EMS and go to get-exchangecertificate it shows 4 entries, the top one is showing as subject sbs2008machine.internal.domain.
In IIS on the bindings for the SBS Web Applications the SSL certificate is set to remote.internal.domain

We've done other bits to test this such as creating new certificates and enabling them for OWA use and SMTP etc but i think we've confused things along the way.
Can anyone give me a clue as to what we need to ?
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Import the secuirty certificate from \\servername\Public\Downloads\Certificate Distribution Package\InstallCertificate.exe

Are these machines on the domain and using an exchange connection rather than POP3/IMAP?
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
Just as an addition i've notice the certificate error shows 'sites' in the top left which is a certificate on the server.

Not sure if this helps
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
it comes up with 'The certificate is not installed. The certificate file cannot be found. makes sure that the certificate is in the same folder as the executable file."

I presume i have to export the cert into this folder but which one do i export ?

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NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
.....and yes they are on the domain
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
....and this only appears to be on Outlook 2007 i've just found out
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
Found the internal URL was set incorreclty and this appeared to be the reason. Followed this KB

Points given for time taken anyway.
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