Fedora - n00b - when a user created - how do you view who they are grouped with and how do change their group?

I know how to mkusr

Is therer commands for this on CLI ?
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A user can be a part of one primary group and multiple supplement group. The creation of a group and make users to part of that is easy to manage.

You can give rights/permission group wise instead of giving them  for individual group.

Command to change user's primary group:

# usermod -g <group name> <username>

Command to change user's supplement group:

# usermod -G <group name> <username>

Command to append user to more supplement group:

# usermod -a -G <group name> <username>

While creating a user you can define primary and secodary group both.

# useradd -g <primary group name> -G <secondary group> <username>

for your another question I have posted my comments in that question.
# groups <username>  Will show you group membership.

# usermod -G <group name> <username>  will modify the group membership for perticular user.
This is very good URL for you to get better understanding about your requirement.

fcekAuthor Commented:


Mate (no AWOL) created a primary group and everyone is a member of it.

What is the purposes of groups and will it change the file permissions they create within a particular share.  

Should I create a group to solve this problem?


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