vba for word, selling your program as a ms word plug in

Hi guys. I have written a VBA program that scans a document and makes a smart index out of it which opens in Microsoft Excel.

The VBA program is fully customizable with many options and it works like a charm.

Is it possible to sell it out to users in the internet? Or I am dreaming too much and programs can not be sold in VBA format?

Some points may be given for your ideas.
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You certainly can sell your VBA code with whatever licensing you want to put on it. If you want to sell it as code, then you have to trust the people you sell it to not to cheat on the license (that you write).
Here's what I would do. Since you use Excel for it anyway, migrate the code to run in Excel instead of Word (shouldn't be too hard; I assume you know how to set up all the references already). Then you can lock the VBA project for viewing and put it in a .xla file. In this way, no one can view your code (unless they crack the password or something). They can install it like it was an add-in without you having to go through all the trouble of writing it in Visual Studio.
That said. I'm not sure what kind of market you'll have for it. There are a lot of people out there writing scripts.

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If you want to make money writing scripts, the best way is to find custom projects to bid on. However, if you can market your code well enough and set the right price, you might be able to make a decent sum off of it. Of course, neither of those tasks will be easy.
New_AlexAuthor Commented:
Tommy, Thanks very much. I will probably open another thread at some point, because I want to install my code as an add-in if it is possible to word, because it is the main app it uses.

It is not all about money, even if it is the limiting factor here!!!. But it gives me courage to keep on my project if I get a kind of a symbolic payment out of it !!!

Take care my friend Tommy and I wish you all the best in your own business and work...
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