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I have a friend that made EVERY file in his c:\users\<userName>\appData directory ready only.  I was attemtpting to use the attrib command to remove the Read Only attribute but keep getting these errors below.

Anyone have another way of doing this faster?

here is the command I used "attrib -R c:\Users\<username>\appData\*.* /S /D"

Here is the error I get andthere are thousands of these errors:
Not resetting hidden file - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data
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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Asked:
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rightclick on the appData folder, then check (or clear check) the readonly box

windows will do the work for you

(best to check if you have owner privilleges on the folder)
*edit rightclick on the appData folder, and select properties, .....
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
When using attrib you cannot change that behaviour, but you can ignore the messages, e.g. by issueing
    attrib -R c:\Users\<username>\appData\*.* /S /D 2>nul
Do you have admin rights on the computer?
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Author Commented:
Sometimes I forget there's a GUI for the simplest tasks :)
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