DHCP Issues

I'm getting reports that certain workstations are not getting their DHCP address.  I checked the Windows 2000 Server that has DHCP installed and found the following error.
The JET Database call returned the following error : -510.  Additional Debug Information: CreateClientEntry:JetUpdate.
Event ID: 1014

If I restart the DHCP service, the errors in the event log stop for a while but I've had to do this pretty much every day for the past 3 days.
The errors started appearing in the system log on 3/29/11
How can I fix this?
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Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Something to do with clearing the database, or deleting it if I remember right.  Then DHCP server will rebuild it from scratch and should solve the problem.

I'll try and dig up the exact instructions.
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
Created new Database by doing the following.
net stop dhcpserver
md c:\olddhcp
move %SystemRoot%\system32\dhcp\*.* c:\olddhcp
net start dhcpserver
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Should't I have at least got an assist on this?

Sorry but trying to build up to 10,000 points ASAP
mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
With all due respect and thanks, DVT pointed me directly to the solution which is what this question asked for.
If you believe the points were not awarded appropriately, simply ask the moderator to take a look at the question.  
I may be wrong.  
My feeling is if DVT got to the answer by reading my post then I should get a little credit as my post pointed in the right direction, but too much hassle to establish this so no worries, will have to be quicker of the mark next time.

glad you got it fixed.
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