How much data in SharePoint as well as how to store it.

Does SP have limitations?  Can I store 50 attributes about one particular document if I want?  Or should this be done in a database.  I know that it is build on a database, but that doesn't mean anything to me.

Main question.  Do your best to follow me.

Lets say I have a document library that contains reports on crayons.  I also have a list of particular crayon colors with two columns.  The first column in the list is very specific as to the color.  The second column is the general column.  For instance, column 1 might be ocean blue and column two would be blue.  Lets say I want to view crayon reports by both types of data maybe.  Is there anyway to select the specific color in a column in the report library and the general column will populate automattically?  If not, does SP 2010 address this?  I am using 2007.  Is this a common problem.  It seems like would be sought after quite frequently.
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Lets see if I can answer your to different questions.  Starting with the first.

Go to to get a full list of the limitations SharePoint 2007 has.  So to answer your question to how many metadata columns your libraries and lists can have if you look at that list is (2000 for document library 4096 for custom list)  Do I suggest going that wide?  Not without good reason.  The larger the table gets the more likely you will experience performance degrigation.

As for your main question.  I am going to assume when you are speaking of reports, you mean the views you see the information in the document library.  SharePoint 2007 and even more so 2010 can filter the information you are looking for.  In 2007 you just need click on the column name.  For your example I would click on Column 1 and select ocean blue.  Automatically column two will only show blue.  Vice versa if you use the generalization of Column two and select blue, all the types of blue will remain.  Royal Blue, light blue, sky blue, ocean blue etc.

In SharePoint 2010, you can actally turn on metadata navigation settings.  This allows on the quick launch bar allow quick filtering according to whatever metadata fields you select.  In your example you could select both Column 1 and Column two and change the view/report to what you are looking for.
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