port forwarding in a netopia 3347

Hi Guys

I just got dsl and AT&T send me a netopia 3347 modem/router.
I am able to navigate in internet, now i need to set up my surveillance system. I need to connect the dvr and be able to see mey cameras from anywhere(internet).
So, 2 questions:

What is port forwarding, how does it work?
How can i set it up in my new router, so i can see the cameras from outsite?

Please explain

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Ernie BeekConnect With a Mentor ExpertCommented:
Port forwarding is: allowing a port on the public address to go through to the same (or another) port on a machine on your inside network.
So you need to connect to your dvr on a certain port? Then you need that port to be forwarded from your public address to the dvr. After that, when you connect to that port on your internet address, you will connect through to the dvr.

Have a look at this: http://www.wimesh.net/wimesh/knowledge-base-topmenu-30/17-networking/23-netopia-3347-port-forwarding-configuration
And see if that helps.
Happy_ComputingConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Bit of general info.  If you need more specific instructions send me exact make and model of DVR and I'll try and download a manual for you router.

To tell your router where to send the traffic to you need to setup a port forward.  The port number is the port where your DVR is expecting to receive its traffic, so you are telling your router to send the incoming traffic to it, by forwarding the correct port.

To get this working you need to either setup a static IP address, which your ISP might charge for, or configure a dynamic DNS account if your router supports it.

You also need to find out which port your DVR expects to receive requests on (normally 80 and possibly an additional one as well)  and configure it with a static IP as well.  An internal static IP rather than one from your ISP.

Also make sure that your router is not using port 80 for its web configuration interface and if it is, then change the port on either the router or the DRV.

This info should hopefully get you started, but if find yourself getting too lost you might find it easer to refer to a local IT company to help you.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Leon FesterConnect With a Mentor Senior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Here's a useful source for port forwarding on your device.
There appears to be quite a few variations of the 3347 model.
titorober23Author Commented:
I have a H.264 dvr 16 channel, not specific brand.
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