Unable to open the ec2 instance in browser or ssh into it.

Hello Experts,

I could run a instance on ec2. But unable to open the same in browser and also unable to ssh into it. kindly look into the problem. Thanks in advance.

webUser@webUser-PNMCP73V:~/aws/509$ ec2-describe-instances
INSTANCE      i-586ec437      ami-c2a255ab      ec2-50-16-14-40.compute-1.amazonaws.com      ip-10-117-91-214.ec2.internal      running      vikAWS-keypair1      0            t1.micro      2011-03-31T13:44:38+0000      us-east-1d      aki-6603f70f                  monitoring-disabled                  ebs                        paravirtual      
BLOCKDEVICE      /dev/sda1      vol-0f2b2a67      2011-03-31T13:45:17.000Z      

webUser@webUser-PNMCP73V:~/aws/509$ ssh -i ./ID_vikAWS-keypair1 ubuntu@Iec2-50-16-14-40.compute-1.amazonaws.com
ssh: Could not resolve hostname Iec2-50-16-14-40.compute-1.amazonaws.com: Name or service not known

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Well in that particular example...you mistyped the hostname. It's:


I can SSH to that top address.
proman121Author Commented:
for some weird reason 'I' was not visibile in ther terminal (may be due to different font i was using)

thanks for pointing at this blunder.
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