GAL not going to one user on Office 2010

I have a Office 2010 user, only 1 out of 45, that is not getting a new copy of the Global Address List from the server. When I make changes such as adding a user all other users get it within a few minutes. For this one workstation it's been a week.

I've tried downloading the GAL through Outlook and nothing changes.

I'm not even sure where to start on this one!
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If Outlok is not in cached mode then your GAL is online and you do not download it.
Does this particular use have access to GAL via OWA?
What version of Exchange? Is Outlook working in cached mode?
LeifHurstAuthor Commented:
Outlook is not in cached mode.

Exchange 2010 SP1.
try reconfiguring outlook profile and also check by configuring outlook on another PC
LeifHurstAuthor Commented:
Issue has been resolved. Sorry for the delay, someone reported EE as spam.

Outlook was shown in connected mode but I stuck it in cached, rebooted and took it out of cache. Seemed to fix the problem.

We call this "e-jiggling the handle."
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