Using prettyPhoto, how can I add a print option?

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Hey guys,

I am using prettyPhoto on my website. It is similar to Lightbox, but has the option for videos also.

All is working, but I would like to add a "print" button next to the close button. How would I get it to work?

OR if this would be too much to deal with. Is it possible with CSS or JS to only print certain things on a page?

For instance, there will be a horizontal gallery of images. The reason I am using prettyPhoto is because, when the user clicks on the image, the image will expand, and block out the rest of the site. I only want to print the picture that is expanded, nothing else.

The first option listed would be the most preferred since it is more direct to what I would like to achieve.
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With CSS.

Check the css and the little javascript on this page :
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