Outlook 2007 data file * was not closed properly


We have a user running Win7 Professional (32-bit) with Outlook 2007. I believe every time the user either shuts down, or logs off (The problem happens infrequently) he is prompted with the error: "The data file * was not closed properly. The file is being checked for errors." This data file in question is the users mailbox, not a .PST file. We have tried deleting and creating a new profile, deleting said OST, etc. and this solves the problem for a few days or so, until it comes up again.

Any ideas?
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meko72Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is another KB artical  

meko72Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Trying following the Instructions From Microsoft.  I have use this to fix PST files but Also works for OST files aswell.

USMCR21Author Commented:
A ScanPST.exe. solved this problem. I appreciate the help.
I object!  I clearly gave this user The link to the instructions to run SCANPST. I also Told this user that SCANPST would work for OST files as well. Look at  35281328
How can this user accept his own solution when I intially brought it to his attention that scanpst could be used on OST files. The user acknowlege it by stating "A ScanPST.exe. solved this problem. I appreciate the help"

 I should be awarded my points!

USMCR21Author Commented:
The points were not awarded to this account, they just weren't awarded, because I was extremely busy, I have no problem awarding the points where they are deserved.  Sorry if you thought that the points were kept to this account for your answer.  Here are your points, and thank you for your assistance.
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