Failed Login Redirection from Citrix Web Interface to another website

I'm running a XenApp 4.5 Farm with an Access Gateway in the DMZ that connects to a Web Interface (IIS 6) in the internal LAN.

We have a new website that provides account unlock and password reset services. I want failed login attempts (401 errors) to redirect the browser to this other site.

I've accomplished this on 2 other IIS 6 websites by pointing the 401 file in Custom Errors on the IIS site to a file with a meta redirect command. This works great, no problems.

But with the Citrx Wen Interface, its not working. I've set this Custom Error setting on botht the Access Gateway and the Web Interface, and no redirection.

Under the XenApp site in IIS, there in an 'auth' folder with a long list of .aspx files that handle authentication actions, I believe.

I've tried changing the 'accessDeniedError.aspx' to 'redirect to the following URL' to point to my password recovery site, and this doesnt work either.

Any suggestions for how to redirect 401 errors on a Citrix Access Gateway and/or Wen Interface?

Thank you!

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basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This may not be a solution, but it can give you some clue:
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