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Hi All

I am Building a report in Report Builder i am using a table that displays all Outstanding Orders based on a column in the table called Due Date. there is also a column for the value of that order.

What i would like to be able to do is to display Total values for Late Orders and all Forward Orders.

So i would like the report to show all orders prior to CURRENT DATE and then another seperate query to show all forward orders from CURRENT DATE

can anybody help i am very new to Report Builder And SQL In general
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Here is a sample of how to use a start and end date in a stored procedure. You can use it as a query also. You will have to change it of course it fit your needs.

You need to do this in your query.
It is best to have a begin and end date to control the output from the sql server to the report.
pepps11976Author Commented:
can you give me some help in acheiving it in the query?
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