Network performance degradation after upgrading Junos on Juniper device and additional server deployment

Hi Experts.

What is happening is extremely frustrating.

We recently upgrade our Junos on SRX650 from 10.2R3.10 to 10.4R9.1, and deploy a few servers.

All the sudden, that network becomes extremely slow.

Here is what we have in this network
2x SRX650 in cluster running 10.4R9.1 with Web ,App and DB security zones.
2x EX4200 in chassis running 10.2R3.10
2 App servers in App zone
2 Web VM servers in Web zone
3 DB servers in DB zone.

All the network connectivity seems slow between servers, through site-site VPN back to our main office.

Please advise.


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Did you try to roll it back to see if the issue goes away? I would check teh release notes and Juniper forums for additional info on that code version.

Juniper has had a slew of probelms

harbor235 ;}
jimmy1829Author Commented:
Thanks harbor,

The issue went away after we rolled back.
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