Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Std Edition

The company that I work for has currently deployed the Std Edition of Lync Server to one of its locations.

Is it possible to add an additional server running Lync 2010 Standard Edition into the same Topology? (AD Topology: Single Forest, Multiple Domain spread Internationally.)

What we would like to achieve is the installation of a second Lync Server in one of the International sites to avoid cross WAN Traffic / latency.

Can we add this 2nd server to the same topology to still allow all of the employees to share the same resource?

Could someone direct me to a resource where this is outlined? (All of the documentation that I currently have, relates to the Enterprise Edition)

Thank you.

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It sounds to me like what you are talking about is adding a new site an then the std edition FE server under that.  If this is the case it is definately possible and Lync is really designed well to handle that,
If your question is, can you have multiple standard edition pools within the same "site" in topology builder, the answer is absolutely.  I'm not sure if there is a limit of standard edition servers within one site, but I have personally created 8 of them in an active deployment without any issues at all.

When you say "share the same resource", what exactly are you looking for in terms of resources.


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