Internet->DD-WRT BIG->Gargoyle->LAN

Hi there,

I installed Gargoyle firmware in a Linksys WRT-54GL V1.1.

This router will be installed between the Internet router and the LAN so I can monitor trafic and stuff.

The Internet router has the latest version of DD-WRT BIG. So having this configuration, I will best of both worlds.

How set it all up to make this work?

Thanks for all your help,
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And I accidentally submitted that last comment.

As you had described, I would plug the internal port of the edge router to the gargoyle WAN and the gargoyle LAN to your LAN. But I would create a subnet between the gargoyle and the edge. I am making some assumptions about your LAN config so this may not work exactly.

You also mentioned VLANs on the edge? Are you bridging VLANs to other sites?

Also, if your network is larger than I think it is, is this gargoyle router going to have the capability to handle all the sessions your LAN can put through it?


What part of it are you tying to configure? Initial router setup, traffic monitoring, wireless?

Perhaps the FAQ would be a good place to start.
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Very good question dave,

The initial router setup is what I need assistance.

I was thinking that the best way to do this, would be to setup to setup the Gargoyle router between the Internet router and the LAN by:

-Plug the LAN port of the Internet router to the WAN port of the Gargoyle router.
-Setup the Gargoyle router's WAN port to have the same IP subnet as the "LAN".
-Within Gargoyle, setup the wan port in the same vlan as the lan ports
-Plug a lan port of the Gargoyle router to the "LAN " switch.

Could that work?
Have any better ideas?

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Okay. Assuming you don't have DHCP or DNS (or other services) running on the edge router, it should be pretty straight forward.

Aside: I am unfamiliar with how gargoyle works, but if it is doing monitoring, see if it can operate on a mirrored switch port. If you can mirror the switch port that plugs into the existing router, you won't have to reconfigure anything. I checked the wiki and didn't see it, but it may be possible.

The simplest way to do it would be to swap your edge router for the router running gargoyle. You would copy the WAN IP and the internal LAN IP and swap them. Again, the caveat is that if your edge router is running DHCP/firewall/VPN/et al, you will have more configuration to do. Also, if your ISP is not providing an ethernet connection, you will obviously need to keep it.

So, if you have to keep the edge router, and assuming your subnet is non-routable, I would suggest moving the LAN IP to the gargoyle LAN side and setting up a new network between the gargoyle and the edge.

ReneGeAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your prompt response.

-Your design represents represents well the idea. Thanks!
-What software did you use to make this design?
-Gargoyle is built on top of Open WRT
-The Gargoyle firmware is installed into a  "Linksys WRT-54GL V1.1" refered to by "the gargoyle router)
-The vlan I am refering to is only the ones that can be setup witin the DD-WRT BIG and the Gargoyle router. As the ones defining how the ports interconnects into the router.
-When you say "internal port", are you refering to the LAN ports as opposed to the wan port?
-The Gargoyle router should handle the traffic. If not, and if it works, I'll install it in another router that has more ram and is faster.

How does this sound so far?

Thanks and cheers,
ReneGeAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the time it took my response.

You confirmed what I was intending to do. So thanks for that.

I still did not make this work since there are other issues with the router.  I'll give you your points now and open another thread if needed.

Thanks and Cheers,
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